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How to get a flat stomach: lose weight to eliminate abdominal fat

This first step is fundamental for anyone who wants to know how to get a flat stomach: it is necessary to eliminate excess fat from the body as a whole, as it is not possible to eliminate only the fat that remains in the abdominal area.

So, consulting a nutritionist is essential for you to re-educate your diet and have significant fat loss results.

How to get a flat stomach: maintaining a healthy diet is essential

A healthy and balanced diet, together with the practice of the physical exercises mentioned above, is essential for anyone who wants the much-desired thin waist . For this reason, it is necessary to change your eating habits a little, implementing some components of the famous fitness recipes to your daily meals.

For that, you must go to:

– Take liquids, such as green tea, as they help eliminate toxins from the body, providing a decrease in the belly;

– Add vegetables, cereals and greens to your food routine, remembering to make meals every 3 hours;

– Ingest foods rich in fibers, such as fruits, which helps to avoid constipation and, consequently, abdominal swelling;

– Avoid alcoholic beverages and very greasy foods.

What are the best exercises to flatten your stomach on a regular basis ?

1- Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are excellent allies to assist in the slimming process. To help burn calories, you can:

2- Walk fast or run

Walking or running are exercises that help speed up metabolism and promote abdominal fat burning. It is recommended that you do this for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour, 3 to 5 times a week.

3- Jump rope

Jumping rope is also a great aerobic exercise for those who want to have a flat stomach . In addition, this practice also helps to tone the muscles of the legs, thighs and butt.

4- Dancing

Dancing, when practiced at least 3 times a week, is a great aerobic exercise to lose belly fat. Some modalities, such as Zumba, Fitdance, ballroom dancing or hip hop, for example, are capable of eliminating up to 600 calories in 1 hour, in addition to helping to fight depression, improve balance and posture.


In addition, some specialized exercises can help you increase your metabolism, such as HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which helps to prolong the effect of weight loss on the body, allowing you to continue to burn calories even after training. These exercises allow a high caloric burning with intense workouts of up to 20 minutes, without the need for equipment. Intense exercises like burpee, squat, lunges and other aerobics, such as jumping rope, running in place, exercise bike, etc.

How to have a flat stomach: also invest in localized exercises

To define the abdominal musculature, you need to get a little heavier in training and perform exercises to strengthen and define these muscles. The best way to get a six pack abs is to combine the practice of bodybuilding with localized gymnastics. Check out:


With this activity, it is possible to work different muscle groups in isolation, and it is possible to strengthen the abdominal region with exercises such as the plank, the crunch, and others.

functional gymnastics

Do functional training in a gym for women or mixed is also an excellent way to promote the burning of abdominal fat and flat stomach . This activity consists of exercising with the use of equipment and the body’s own weight, promoting weight loss.

Exercises to flatten your belly on a regular basis : LOW PRESSURE FITNESS

Looking for a class specially designed to reduce your waist and flatten your belly?

LPF (Low Pressure Fitness), or Negative Belly Technique, is a Spanish training that mixes breathing with exercises and promises to leave fans with the famous negative belly. The method tones the abdomen and reduces measurements quickly because it combines isometric and dynamic postures and hypopressive abdominal techniques to strengthen your resting tone.

It is a postural re-education exercise that brings about a reduction in abdominal circumference and several improvements in sports performance, bringing benefits to both men and women!

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