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How to lose weight?

How to lose weight?



In case you want to lose weight or your doctor recommends it, then you can do it in a safe way. For the most effective long-term management of weight, it is advised to lose weight of almost 2 pounds in a week. Usually most of the diet plan keeps you hungry. Various reasons are there in having trouble sticking to a healthy meal plan but all diet plans do not have this effect. Lower intake of carbohydrates and foods which contain less calories usually prove effective in case of losing weight and may prove to be easier to follow as compared to other diet plans. Following are few recommendations to lose weight that use healthy diet plans, which contains relatively less carbohydrates, and leads to:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Lead to rapid loss of weight
  • Better metabolic health
  1. Beware of what you eat:

Those who intends to lose weight need to take care of everything they eat in a day or drink. An easier way for doing this is to keep a record in a diary for all the things they eat or drink in a day.

Various researches claimed that 3.7 billion downloads of health apps will occur up to 2017. Among these, diet, exercise and weight loss apps were popular. All this is happening due to valid cause, because keeping a record of physical activity and progress in weight loss can prove to be effective in the management of your weight.


  1. Eat wisely:

People who are interested in losing weight should take care of how and where they are eating their food. It can help people cherish their meal and also enable them to keep up a healthy weight. Mindful eating techniques are:

  • One way to do t his is to sit down while eating preferably a table.
  • Always try to pay attention to your meal and cherish the whole practice.
  • Keep away the TV or your phone while eating.
  • Eat slowly: Chew the food properly and savor your food. It can help effective loss of weight because it gives signals to the brain of the person when they are full and it is necessary to avoid overeating.


Eat protein breakfast:

Proteins have a major role in the regulation of appetite hormones which are essential for feeling full. The proposed mechanism for this is that it decreases the hunger hormone named ghrelin and raises the level of satiety hormones namely GLP1, YY and cholecystokinin. Various researches held among adults have led to the result that high protein breakfast keeps the level of hormone for satiety for several hours.

Fiber rich diet:

Dietary fiber are carbohydrates of botanic origin which cannot be digested in the small intestine. Large quantity of fibers in diet causes feeling that you are full and aids to lose weight.


Have proper sleep:

Various researches led to the result that sleeping less six hours in a night can increase the getting obese. Several reasons are associated with it. Studies led to the result that poor quality of sleep decrease the metabolic process which causes the body to store calories in the form of fat. Moreover, not having enough sleep can boost up insulin production, which leads to the accumulation of fat.



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