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Depression Introduction and Definition: Depression refers to the disorder of mood which is a lingering feeling of regret and sadness. It's way different than mood swings which are usually experienced by people on a regular basis in life. Some events of life, like losing a job or bereavement, may progress to depression but

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Cancer Cancer: At the point when abnormal cells surpass growth barrier and keep on increasing vigorously anyplace in the body is called malignant growth or cancer. These abnormal cells are called carcinogenic, cancer, or tumor cells. These cells can invade ordinary body tissue. Numerous tumors and the malignant cells that make up

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Keto Vegan

Keto Vegan What is it? The ketogenic diet contains fewer amounts of carbohydrates but has more fats in it. It also contains a moderate amount of proteins. Amount of Carbohydrates is decreased to the extent of 20-50 grams in a day and it is done for achieving and maintaining ketosis. It is

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